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Detached Executive, Luxury Two-Stories, Mini Castles

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The Annex became one on Toronto's 'high end' neighbourhoods when it was subdivided in the 1870's and 1880's and is now over 100 years old.  It remains one of Toronto's premiere Real Estate neighbourhoods.

One of the first residents in The Annex included Timony Eaton from the Eaton's Department Store and George Gooderham from the Gooderham and Worts Distillery.

Surrounded by the University of Toronto, The Annex has an energic vibe.  Residents include Students, Faculty, Successful Business People abd eveb Prominent Artists.

Boarded South of Dupont Street, East of Bathurst Street, West of Avenue Road and North of Bloor Street.  Varsity Stadium is just South of Bloor Street.  The Annex is also close to prestigious Neighbourhoods like Forest Hill, Rosedale, Yorkville, Casa Loma, Deer Park and Summerhill.

The Annex's main shopping is Bloor Street which includes some of the most high end stores in Toronto.    The Mirvish Village Shopping District on Markham, just south of Bloor Street is a collection of bookstores, Art Galleries, Antique Stores and one-of-a-kind Specialty Stores.  The Landmark Honest Ed's is just West of Bathurst on the Corner of Bloor St.

HONEST EDS - ANNEX by Stewart C. Russell CC BY-SA 2.0

The homes, houses in The Annex are mostly Victorian, Queen Anne and Romaneque Architectural, enriched with multi colour facades.    Many of the Grand Detached Houses have been converted into multiplex homes.


Huron Jr.                                  - 541 Huron Street

Jesse Ketchum Jr. & Sr.       - 61 Davenport Road

Palmerston Jr.                         - 734 Palmerston Ave.

Central Technical School      - 725 Bathurst St.

Loretto College                       - 391 Brunswick Ave.

University of Toronto            - 371 Bloor West

Royal St. George's College    - 120 Howland Ave.

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Detached Executive, Luxury Two-Stories, Mini Castles

Parks, Schools, Shopping, Points of Interest, Banks and more ...