Don Mills & Banbury Houses 2014 2nd Quarter Report C13


Sales Average Price Detached New Listings Days on Market % Sold Price vs. Listing Price
Don Mills & Banbury 149 $819,750 233 18 102%

don mills toronto real estate reportDon Mills and Banbury continue to be one of Toronto's hottest markets. We have seen prices rise by more than 5% year over year for the past 15 years. There is no sign of slow down in any way. Sales were good for the 2nd quarter this year coming in at 149 just down by a few points over last year. The prices were up by 6% to oving over $800,000 for the 1st time ever. New listings were down slightly but inventory is way down due to the fact that houses are selling in less than 3 weeks. We can see multiple offers and bidding wars in this market based on the final sales price being at 102% of asking.

Overall this is a great market for the seller out there. Being so close to downtown ateries we have seen many flock this way instead of paying over a million just blocks away. We will continue to see this area grow this year based on how quickly listings come and go on the market.

I willl be watching very closely what will happen in this market over the next few months. At this time we see no changes for the worse.