Leaside East York Houses 2014 2nd Quarter Report C11


Sales Average Price Detached New Listings Days on Market % Sold Price vs. Listing Price
Leaside 102 $1,258,781 128 25 103%

leaside toronto real estate reportLeaside still amazes me as to how strong the market remains. It was only 15 years ago that this quiet neighbourhood was bungalows selling for under 300k's. Since that time bungalows are hard to find and most have been torn down for larger 2 story luxury homes. At that time we all took a deep breathe to see if the market would grow with the size of the houses in this area, it did and in my mind over exceeded what we all thought. That does not say that this area is over prices because it is not. Leaside being one of the most sought after areas in the city continues to be a hot spot in the market. As you cn see sales continue to be strong at 102 and of the new listings 85% sell fast. The average price is up over $1.2 million for the 1st time this quarter and homes are selling at 103% of asking in less than a month.

Leaside is an neighbourhood that it is very important that you are using a season experienced agent that understands this area intimately or it could cost you as a buyer or seller thousands and even tens of thousands of dollrs in your investment.