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As I always say, you have 30 seconds to make a First Impression!  

As a Seller, you only have one shot at impressing Potential Buyers when they are out looking for their Home.  Your Home should look like a page out of 'Style At Home' Magazine.  These Buyers usually see alot of Houses, Condos and if you want yours Your Home to stand out miles above the rest of the Properties listed For Sale, here are a few Tips and Tricks to help you make that happen:

1.  ELIMINATE Clutter and scale down the "things" and "chackas".  Less is always more.  Removing all small Appliances from the Kitchen Counter makes the counters look clean and spacious.


2.   STORAGE - You may want to store your Bigger Pieces of Furniture in a Pod or Storage Unit while your Home is being Shown.  You can always bring your pieces back into your house after the Sale, or better yet, leave them there until you move into your next home. 


3.    SORTING OUT -  Look at this time to sort out your "stuff" - do you really want to schlep it to your next home?  If so, pack it up so you are ready for your move, if not, dispose of it.


4.   SELL  - Maybe your stuff is just too nice to through away or give away.  Why not have a Garage Sale or Sell it on a Social Media Platform form like Kijiji, Facebook Marketplace, Letgo or Varagesale.


5.   DONATE - The best way to play it forward is to Donate.  There are so many charities to donate your things to...Women's Shelter, Salvation Army, Value Village etc.


6.   ARRANGE - Your home should maximize space and light.  Move furniture away from Windows and open your Curtains.


7.  REMOVE - Personal items such as Pictures, Diplomas, Certificates etc should be removed.  Potential Buyers want to envision themselves moving into your Home.  If you keep your pictures there for them to view, they associate your Home to you instead of to something they may want to buy and live in.


8.   FRESH & CLEAN - Make sure all of your Towels in the Kitchen are out of site and everything is Spotless (including the Appliances - inside & out).  Bathroom Towels should be pristine as well as the Beds made in all Bedrooms.


9.  FLOWERS - Never underestimate the power of Fresh Cut Flowers.  Their aroma will fill your Home with a wonderful fragrance and invite Potential Buyers into your home.


10.  SAFETY - Remove, Hide, Stow Away Kitchen Knives or anything that can be used as a weapon.  This is only a precautionary measure.  Any collectibles should be hidden as well, just in case. 


My background is in Interior Design & Staging.  As part of my Service to you the Seller, I will help stage your home (with your things) as part of my commission structure.


Ready to Sell?  Click on the Link below and I'll contact you right away!    

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