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Dates on Offers and Agreements of Purchase and Sale - Sellers

One of the Most Asked Questions I get from Sellers is WHAT DATE IS WHAT ON AN OFFER?

There are so many Dates in a Transaction, so I'm going to break it down for Sellers!

Note Dates also refer to set times.

* Offer Date - the Date Offer(s) will be Reviewed and Hopefully Accepted.

* Irrevocable Date - the Date the Buyers are willing to be locked into their Offer (Agreement of Purchase and Sale) for the Seller to review and/or accept/change/reject.

* Signback Date - the Date the Seller signs back the Offer to the Buyer where the Buyer has the decision to accept/change/reject.

* Acceptance Date - Date the Offer (with/without Conditions) is Accepted by all Parties

*Condition Dates - Dates where Conditions need to be Fulfilled or Voided.

* Title Search Date - the Date the Lawyers have to review and bless the Agreement

* Closing Date - the Date the Seller needs to Vacate and the Buyer takes Possession.


EXCLUSIVE For my VIP Sellers, I do a Pre-Offer Zoom meeting with them to go over the entire Process of the Offer - Agreement of Purchase and Sale - highlighting the various Dates and making sure they coincide with their schedules.


IF you are looking to sell, just go to the link below, fill out the form and I'll be more than happy to reach out to you!


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